Remastered Classics

With the upcoming remastered version of the Lion King with live-action and CGI tools hitting the big screen this weekend. Similarly, the gaming industry loves remastering games so we wanted to jog your memory and get the low down on your most anticipated ever remastered game.

Below we have selected few old classics remastered for modern day PC gaming entertainment:

Grand Theft Auto V [2015] – original 1997
Rockstar’s GTA was one of the most played games, so the remastered version allowed modern day gamers to see what all the hype was all about in graphics they could appreciate. We also really appreciate the amazing detail that goes into GTAV from the sunset of Los Santos to the crunch of shattered glass. You can easily spend hours lost in customising your gaming experience and pulling off treacherous heists making this superb remaster experience.

Crash Bandicoot – N.Sane Trilogy – original 1996
This remaster not provides you with the great feeling of nostalgia but also value for money, collaborating three games into one. In our opinion the remastered version didn’t let us down and transported us back to the 90’s with a very familiar yet smoother HD visual upgrade. The desire to race through the levels like the old pro you remember yourself to be hits you as soon as you begin.

Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remastered – original 1997
Square Enix combined, delivered provided superior definition with Final Fantasy X/X-2. The RPG maintains everything you fell in love with when first playing Final Fantasy with the complete renovation of character models and environments. You may not be able to skip cut scenes but the remaster version is a great way to experience the original games in one great package.

Burnout Paradise Remastered original – original 2008
Recreating the desired arcade driving experience, burnout paradise is packed full of downloadable content. The upscale in graphics including environments is great but it’s the performance while you increase your speed that allows you to achieve miles of entertaining chaos. The original soundtrack linked with the real-life sound effects creates a paradise of a remaster.

Okami HD – original 2006
Originally for the PlayStation 2 the remastered version provides PC gamers the opportunity to experience Okami and what all the fuss was about back in 2008. More than an action adventure game take on the role as Amaterasu as a white wolf. Enjoy the watercolour style and traditional Japanese environment. Okami provides a truly unique, high resolution gameplay experience.

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