• Student PC Deals

    Being student can be costly, but it doesn't have to be when it comes to your PC. We have an extensive range of fully refurbished PCs and gaming PCs in excellent condition, that are a great option for any student at a very reasonable cost.

    Desktop PC Options

    All our desktop PC’s are fully refurbished Dell Optiplex’s. Most are fit with Intel Core 2 Duo CPU and Windows 7 Pro operating system. This means these PCs would be suitable for most applications needed for school, for example, Microsoft Word would be suitable to install on all our PCs. These PCs range from just £59.94 to £119.94, and all come with a keyboard and mouse. Dell Optiplex (DT) Core 2 Duo 4GB 500GB + Windows 7 Pro. Priced at £84.94

    However, we do have five Dell Optiplex options with Intel Core i3 CPU and Windows 10 operating system. This means they have a slightly more powerful processor, so they can run the more advanced operating system Windows 10 and run applications slightly faster. These PCs range from just £94.99 to £108.25. They do not come with a keyboard and mouse but this can be added for only £7.99.

    Dell Optiplex 3010 DT i3 2100 4GB 500GB + Windows 10. Priced at £96.99 Dell Optiplex 3010 DT i3 2100 4GB 500GB + Windows 10. Priced at £96.99.


    All the above PCs offer a wide range of PC specification options. Here is this information simplified to make your decision easier:

    • 3 PC case sizes: SFF (Small Form Factor) - our smallest case size, DT (Desktop) and Tower - our largest case size.
    • 3 RAM sizes - 2GB, 4GB, or 8GB. The higher the RAM the more tasks you can perform at the same time.
    • 4 Hard Drive sizes - 160GB, 320GB, 500GB, or 1000GB. The higher the Hard Drive the bigger the PC storage is; where your applications, media, games and documents are stored.

    For more information visit our website, or contact our customer service team.

    Monitor Bundle Option

    To save you even more time we offer a monitor included bundle so you can get everything you need in one place for the year. We offer 17” and 19” Dell monitors that will go perfectly with your Dell Optiplex computer. These bundles range from just £69.94 to £119.94 all depending on the computer specification. So what are you waiting for?

    Dell Optiplex (SFF) Core 2 Duo 4GB 160GB + 17" TFT & Windows 7 Pro. Priced £74.94 Dell Optiplex (SFF) Core 2 Duo 4GB 160GB + 17" TFT & Windows 7 Pro. Priced £74.94.

    Gaming PC Options

    However, we do offer four options if you want to invest in a PC that is perfect for school work AND gaming.

    Firstly, we offer three Cheap Gaming PCs. All PCs are fully refurbished with a 1 year warranty. Depending on the price, you can either get an Intel Quad Core, i3 Core, or i5 Core processor; which are all suitable for college work and gaming. Overall, these PCs are excellent for those wanting the best of both worlds at a reasonable price! For more information on the specification for each product check below:

    Cheap Core I3 Gaming PC Computer WiFi 1TB 8GB + 1GB Graphics & Windows 10 Pro. Priced at £234.99. Cheap Core I3 Gaming PC Computer WiFi 1TB 8GB + 1GB Graphics & Windows 10 Pro. Priced at £234.99.

    Finally, saving one of the best till last the Intel Quad Core Gaming PC Tower. This PC is great for someone who is already big on gaming but also needs a great PC for their home, office or college work. This PC is priced at £309.99 and definitely worth a consideration, so for more information check below:

    cscitvoyager-new Quad Core Gaming PC Tower With WIFI & 8GB 1TB HDD + 1GB Graphics. Priced at £309.99.

    These PCs  go perfectly with the Ajudication & Kill Gaming Mouse Keyboard & Mouse Pad Gaming Combo which is priced at only £29.99. For more information click below.

    Ajudication & Kill Gaming Mouse Keyboard & Mouse Pad Gaming Combo. Priced at £29.99. Ajudication & Kill Gaming Mouse Keyboard & Mouse Pad Gaming Combo. Priced at £29.99.

    Laptop Options

    We have two great laptops that are perfect to take to university this term. The Lenovo ThinkPad T450 is an excellent all-rounder, fully refurbished and in top condition. This PC has an Intel Core i5 processor inside, loaded with Windows 10 operating system. Also, fitted with a 240GB SSD hard drive and 8GB RAM. Featuring a screen size of 14” perfect for office and multimedia applications.

    Overall the PC looks professional with a sleek design, complete with UK keyboard and charging unit. There may be small minor cosmetic marks on the panels due to general wear and tear. Priced at just £334.99, why not treat yourself today to a new laptop for college.

    Lenovo ThinkPad T450 Core i5-5300U 8GB 240GB SSD Windows 10. Priced at £334.99. Lenovo ThinkPad T450 Core i5-5300U 8GB 240GB SSD Windows 10. Priced at £334.99.

    Also, we have this Lenovo ThinkPad X250 which is a great professional on-the-go laptop, fully refurbished with a high specification. With a Core i5 processor inside, and Windows 10 Professional operating system. The Lenovo ThinkPad X250 comes with 240GB SSD installed and 8GB RAM.

    Similar to the Lenovo ThinkPad T450, this laptop has a professional design with a tidy interior and again there may be some minor cosmetic marks again on the panels with this refurbished unit. This laptop has a small but quality screen size of 12.5” with UK keyboard and charging unitPriced low at only £297.99, buy now for a great on-the-go laptop great to carry to the library.

    Lenovo ThinkPad X250 12.5" i5-5300U 8GB 240GB SSD Windows 10 Professional Laptop. Priced at £297.99. Lenovo ThinkPad X250 12.5" i5-5300U 8GB 240GB SSD Windows 10 Professional Laptop. Priced at £297.99.
  • Desktop Disaster – need a replacement quickly and cheaply?

    Sometimes things just all go wrong at once!

    Car needs a new tyre, fridge died, need some clothes for a special do…..whatever happens it just means when you have a desktop disaster and your computer gives up you just don’t may not have the funds to replace it.

    So it goes to the bottom of the ‘to buy’ list.

    Consequently if you cannot afford to buy new, or take out finance for a computer bundle then seriously consider refurbished set ups.

    Advantages of buying Refurbished Computers:

    - Low price – savings of 20% to 80% on purchasing a new computer.
    - The quality and reliability of refurbished PCs are guaranteed by the manufacturer.

    First step is to decide just what exactly you need from your computer before you start looking.


    - Consider what do you need from a computer…do you just surf the net, read emails, go onto Facebook and twitter, use your word processor? If this is the case you will find that an older PC will be more than adequate.
    - If you play video games, download music and images then a PC with a bigger memory and an increased processor speed would be needed. E.g. the DELL Optilex (Tower) Core 2 duo 4GB 1000GB + 17”TFT & Windows 7 Pro.

    dell tower 4gb

    - Unless you have a lot of experience with computers it is best to look for retailers or manufacturers who are quality refurbishers.
    - Buy from a retailer who is also authorised to sell refurbished items and is also selling new products.

    A good reliable sales outlet with good customer service may have just the answer and you can be set up to go quickly without a big outlay of cash.

    If you think about it anyone who is knowledgeable with the inner workings of a computer is going to make that extra effort to make sure that the refurbished items they sell are top quality.

    Matching up refurbished items can be a problem if you buy your set up as separate items. It is advisable to buy from a retailer who is selling a Monitor bundle. i.e. you will get the tower, a monitor, keyboard and mouse so you know they will work together.

    Check out the online deals you can get from reputable computer experts. Ringing the customer service department or chatting online, would be my recommendation, if you are not sure what Monitor bundle is right for you. Remember they want to sell you a top quality item that you are happy with and so will be more than happy to give you the best advice.

  • Desktop PC’s – bigger and better than a laptop – great for E-cycling!

    Desktop PC’s are here to stay.

    Laptops are great for movers but want a big job done – get yourself a good Desktop with loads of capacity and enough power for ANY job!


    Yes they are not as portable as a laptop but you can do so much more than you can with a laptop - AND they are NOT as expensive as you think!

    At Expertec you will see from the prices that that there are some excellent deals to be had from the refurbished selection. YES this is e-cycling at its best!

    The e-cycled products are dealt with by technology experts and come with a 1 year warranty.

    For those of you NOT in the know – one of the big environmental concerns now is the amount of waste society produces. New government laws are catching up with big waste producers. Domestic waste is the one that always hits the news but now businesses are becoming become more expert at fighting the waste problem – Expertec is at the forefront of this. Just by knowledge and making fair price adjustments there is now some excellent tech. out there!

    E-cycling does need technological knowledge to be successful. It is basically the practice of reusing electronic equipment and components rather than just discarding them. Often things like computers and other electronic devices like mobile phones are still functional when they are sent to waste. This e-waste is creating a serious problem because it often has toxic elements involved in the manufacturing process. Sometimes, with expertise, even non-functioning devices can be refurbished and resold.

    Companies like EXPERTEC have taken the environmental concerns very seriously. Desktop PC’s are often discarded as dinosaurs well before their time but not so…they can be refurbished by experts and be as good as new. Along with technology experts and a good customer service and a useful help line, just in case there is a problem…e.g. setting up equipment, they can be relied upon to supply a good quality item. So whether you are a beginner or a seasoned user of any technology item become an e-cycling member and help save the environment.

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