Reduce E-Waste – Refurbished Technology

The continuous modernisation of electrical equipment creates an increase of unwanted electrical technology and devices. E-waste is a rapidly growing, thus any help in reducing e-waste and recycling technology goes towards helping the environment.

Firstly, what is E-waste? Electronic waste is made up of unwanted or broken electrical devices ranging from Fridges, computers to smartphones. Basically, anything with a plug of which many electronic devices are now reducing their life span with upgrades becoming more frequent. Which is great as we all want to game, stream or capture moments in the highest definition. However, recycling previous equipment is imperative.

E-waste and in particular computers and laptops can be harmful to environment due to computing equipment containing toxic and hazardous materials, including mercury and lead. Therefore, if not disposed of correctly creates harmful toxins for the environment. Recycling electrical's also helps reduce the volume of e-waste creating landfill sites and reduces the amount of raw materials required.

HSE (2019) communicated that in the UK over 2 million tonnes of electronic waste is disposed of each year from companies and householders. Specifically, IT equipment (mainly computers) and TV’s make up over two million being discarded annually.
Many businesses within the industry offer e-waste initiatives due to the Waste Electric and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) law enforced in the UK in 2014. Similar to such companies we also offer and specialise in the refurbishment and build of computing equipment, including recycling components.

Recycling creates a wealth of advantages not only environmental but also social. For instance, recycling computing equipment to be refurbished may benefit businesses or people who may not be able to purchase new technology but still gain quality IT equipment at affordable prices.

Here at Expertec we offer quality refurbished gaming and Desktop PC’s all of which come with a 1-year warranty as standard. View our range of refurbished gaming PC’s here or our refurbished Desktop PC’s here. Our expert build team check each component, adhering to our strict standards to guarantee the quality and longevity of our products.

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