PC Gaming On A Budget

Making the move to PC gaming or as an addition to console gaming, whatever the reason we do know that PC gaming in relation to console’s require investment rather than standardisation. Gamers can spend several thousands in order to build a super performing gaming PC. However, we will take a quick look into PC gaming on a budget and if you’re just starting out why this might be the best choice for you.

The word budget (cheap, low-cost, bargain) can quickly be associated with reduced performance especially in regards to PC gaming. This is because and, in all honesty, the more money you put into your PC (with compatibility in mind) the better experience and more games you are able to play. So, we look at how to maintain performance while keeping the total costs down. How do we do this? Ultimately, we specialise in quality refurbished components and PC’s. Our build team also have years of experience and are gaming enthusiast themselves thus having the gamers experience at the forefront of every build.

The best bang for your buck in our opinion…Gaming Bundles.

Check out a few of our gaming bundles and their reviews here ranging from £348.99 - £559.69

Cheap Quad Core Gaming PC Bundle WiFi 1TB 8GB + 2GB Graphics & Windows 10 (348.99)

This Intel PC has been fully refurbished and rebuilt by our system builders. All rebuilt in a new CiT SEVEN gaming case. Purpose built as an entry gaming PC, ideal for games like Fortnite if the graphics card is upgraded to at least the 2GB 1050!

Cheap Core i5 FORTNITE GAMING BUNDLE, 8GB RAM, 4GB GTX1650, 1TB with Windows 10 (486.67)

Refurbished and rebuilt, all rebuilt in a new gaming Game Max Explorer Tower case which is one of the best sellers on the market. Perfect for playing FORTNITE on and the Intel Core i5 2nd Gen Processor has great Processing power for home and office use.

AMD A10 9700 Apex Legend Gaming PC Bundle WiFi 1TB HDD, 120GB SSD, 8GB RAM + 4GB 1650 Graphics & Windows 10 - £559.69

AMD PC professionally built by our system builders with a Game Max Kamikaze gaming case, a current best seller on the market. Ideal for games like Fortnite and Apex Legend in a low setting with the option to upgrade the graphics card to enable the user to play in a higher setting. The AMD A10 9700 Processor has excellent processing power for gaming and home or office use!

Our gaming bundles remove the stress of ensuring parts in the PC are compatible with each other and that the case provides adequate cooling. All our gaming bundles come with Windows 10 installed and 1 year’s warranty.

The option to upgrade components such as your graphics card are also available, if you do feel like splashing a little extra to play more demanding games then why not further customise your graphics card. If you are not sure if upgrading will be right for you, then speak to a member of our team via live chat, phone, email or on Facebook. We are happy to discuss any questions or provide advice for any fellow gamer.