How To Choose The Correct Monitor

Whether it’s for gaming, entertainment or work, most of us spend hours in front of our computer monitors, so, it’s paramount we choose the right one for us. Our monitors have a range of great features, all suited to different tasks. Here, we take a look at our computer monitors, analysing them by size, panel type, refresh rate and resolution so you can choose the perfect monitor for you.

AOC E2470SWHE 23.6 Wide TN LED Monitor £111.99 AOC E2470SWHE 23.6 Wide TN LED Monitor £111.99


Relatively self-explanatory, and one of the first things people will look at. If you use your monitor occasionally for short periods of time and perform largely basic tasks, a small screen is more than adequate, however, for gaming or multi-media tasks, a larger screen is preferable so you can see more and work or play better.

ASUS VS228DE 21.5 Wide LED Monitor £91.99 ASUS VS228DE 21.5 Wide LED Monitor £91.99

Refresh Rate:

For work or basic tasks, a lower refresh rate of 50Hz is fine, but, for avid gamers, a more rapid response rate is preferable, allowing you to maintain a fast pace in first person shooter games.

Panel Type:

The two types of LCD display panels are IPS and TN. IPS offers good colour accuracy, an ideal feature for multi-media users. Although lacking the colour accuracy of IPS, TN are considerably cheaper and have a short response time allowing them to refresh quickly. This makes them ideal for high-speed gamers who don’t want anything to slow down their game.

BENQ GL2250 21.5 Wide LED Monitor £96.99 BENQ GL2250 21.5 Wide LED Monitor £96.99


Most monitors have a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, making them ideal for multipurpose use and sufficient for most users, including gamers. For those predominantly working with pictures and videos a larger screen resolution is recommended.

AOC E2270SWN 21.5 Wide TN Monitor £87.99 AOC E2270SWN 21.5 Wide TN Monitor £87.99

Extra Features:

Depending on your needs or preferences, there are certain features you may also want to look out for. A wall and stand mountable monitor that is adjustable is ideal to create a comfortable, optimised working or gaming environment catered to you. USB hubs and HDMI ports are also a great addition to enhance performance.

Expertec have a great range of monitors available that are suitable for home, work or gaming. Take a look at our handy comparison table to find the perfect monitor for you.

monitors table

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