Got a new PC game – get a good processor!

Plenty of new games being released in 2020 and no doubt you are one of those who cannot wait to try them out.

How do you know that your PC will handle your latest game, whether it be Doom Eternal, Cyberpunk 2077, or perhaps Dying Light 2 – is your gaming PC up to the challenge of a quick-moving action or multiplayer game? Expertec can help you out with any advice you may need about this as they are specialists with long-standing experience of gaming computers.

Some questions are simple, but the top of the list to know about is whether your CPU – or processor – is fast enough to handle the games you want to play. Different games have different requirements and if you have acquired a game which does not run correctly you may need some professional advice on your computer components.

Some fast action games require multi-core CPU’s. Consequently, if you are buying a new gaming PC make sure you get the right one for your games. For advanced gamers: the Intel Core i7 – 9700 9th Gen Gaming PC 8GB 1TB Ultra-Fast, looks very sleek having one of the fastest processors you can buy and is in stock at Expertec.

This is customisable too so you can take advantage of the expert advice offered at Expertec to decide if this is the right unit for the games you want to run.


For new gamers: to get you into gaming Expertec have a great starter PC which will cater for your gaming needs and can be tailored to suit as you progress with your expertise. The Core i3 8100 Coffee Lake Gaming PC uses the very latest Intel technology.

PC games can be very different in their requirements. For instance, if you are planning on purchasing the new Crusader Kings 3 game you may need something like a Core i5 8400 Coffee Lake 8th Gen PC 8GB DDR4 1TB Win 10 for smooth and good quality graphics.

By contacting the customer service team – using online chat is convenient – you can make sure that you get exactly the right gaming PC advice before you buy.