Gaming Mousepads necessary or not?

Everybody knows what a mouse pad/mat is and arguably everyone has their own preferences about them….some not using them at all.

However it is now considered that the right gaming mouse mat/pad could possibly be one of the key factors to significantly improve your gameplay.

The basic consensus for using a mouse pad whether gaming or not is that:

  1. It will prolong the base of the mouse, lessening wear on the feet.
  2. It increases accuracy as it improves sensors.

The definite agreement is that it is the surface your mouse works on which is the prime concern – the better it is, the better your mouse will respond. No normal surface is frictionless or has a consistent surface no matter how highly polished or whatever it is. Depending on the variants of friction on the surface you use, this may cause your mouse to work at different speeds. This is NOT what you need in a fast paced game situation!

TIPS to help make the decision:

  • Accuracy and speed are very important for gaming. A good mouse pad will have even friction all over its surface.
  • Comfort is important for long periods of gaming – a soft mouse pad where your wrist can rest is an asset.
  • If you use a highly sensitive gaming mouse, and possibly may have paid a lot for it, you may need a gaming pad as otherwise on a normal surface; the sensitivity of the mouse will just jump around when it is moved slowly.
  • Size matters! Gaming mouse pads are generally bigger than standard ‘normal’ ones – this is very useful for those of use who run the mouse off the pad edges at critical moments!!
  • Price is not a guarantee of quality – buy from a reliable retailer!
  • Lots of choice available – be aware of the differences in surfaces. A smooth surface on the pad allows fast movement but a rougher surface will give higher precision.

Eg. Thunder X3 TMP30 mouse pad. This is a gaming mouse pad which has been specifically designed for precision for tracking quality for the optical and the laser mouse. This anti slip mat will give gamers precise minute movements just when it is needed.

thunder X3 TMP30 mat

It is noted that now optical and laser sensor mice have developed to be good at tracing on a variety of surfaces, it seems also having a good mouse pad can make quite a big difference in any competitive gaming with your PC.
Back to the tip of purchasing your mouse pad from a reliable supplier of gaming PC’s and accessories – this is worthwhile, especially if you have purchased other matching accessories from the same source. They can give advice on all their products, they will have a sound customer service contact point and you can safely rely on their help.