Fallout 76 Game Review - The Pros and Cons



It's important that a game world doesn't feel too small, but world's that are massive tend to be tedious. But Fallout 76 seem to have sidestepped this issue. The addition of CAMPS (Construction and Assembly Mobile Platform) encourages group exploration and makes it almost addictive.

The first game objective is to track down the Overseer. She plays the important role in guiding you through the main story and overcoming the surprising events along the way.

The endless extra events and activities may lead to gaps between story mission. Holotapes are recordings of past happenings that players can find all throughout the game, that tell the brunt of the story.


Gunplay and combat are best described as functional at best.  However, this weakness is compensated by the wide range of weapons you can find, craft and modify. This works because it gives you the incentive to explore to find new resources.

Multi-player now works in real-time, and continues to help players line up shots for more effective combat. This system can be upgraded so that more areas on enemies can be targeted.

Players can fight other players at any time, which opens the risk of experienced players griefing newcomers. You must be level 5 before you can fight, or be targeted by other players. Plus, there is a bounty system in place to identify who has murdered who. Murder "one-sided combat that ends in the death of the passive participant".

You won't lose your stuff to some random player who's killed you, and death also doesn't set your character's progress back.



Fallout 76 definitely promotes teamwork. It's designed for up to four players in mind, with the odds of surviving better together! You don't have to stick to your group, as you can venture off and then fast travel back to your teammates (which is a very convenient and liberating feature).

Everytime you level up, you get rewarded with perk cards where you can get abilities and unlock passives. Perk cards can be upgrades, and shared among your group. The abilities include boosts to the effectiveness of stimpacks and much more.

If you work together, each group member can focus on upgrading different abilities so each player brings different passives to the group. Teams can also band together in settlements.

There is no friendly fire in the game, so during an intense combat session, you don't have to worry about your peers.


Fallout 76 feels like the sequel to Fallout 4! It's definitely not an entirely new experience, but instead a familiar one translated to multiplayer.


  • Fun gameplay
  • Rewarding group play
  • Survival-combat setting is fun
  • Fast travel back feature
  • Enemy's - Lots of variety in the NPCs
  • Plenty to do!
  • Perk card system offers lots of customisation
  • Large and varied map
  • Character progression - diverse cards


  • Graphics could be improved
  • Other players can easily ruin your session
  • Story is uninteresting
  • Frame rate not great
  • Story missions are easy to forget about
  • Bugs!!

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