Choosing the right tech for you

When it comes to buying technology, you want to make sure you pick something that’s right for you. There are a few reasons for this, the main ones being that it costs a significant chunk of money and you are likely to spend a lot of time using it once you’ve bought it.

Now that you are likely to be spending more time than usual at home, if you’re considering buying yourself something new to play with, you might be after a few pointers as to what to get. So we’ve put together some information and tips about what’s available to help you decide.


The key benefit of these is really easy – they are portable. That in itself makes them desirable given modern lifestyles, the current climate excepted. Don’t be fooled at the moment by thinking a desktop might suit your needs better as you are at home more – consider how your life usually is and make your decision based on that. Right now, we are living a new normal which won’t continue forever so we need to make sure our investments will suit is in the long term too.

Dependent on what you plan on using your laptop for they have other benefits too. If you aren’t especially tech-savvy, they are usually the easiest to start using as they arrive already set up. They are great for normal usage, internet browsing and some game playing too. However, if you want to play more involved games that require graphics cards etc, the price starts to increase. There is only so much space available in a laptop so the extra processors and storage required will struggle.


Power is cheaper in a desktop so if you need it, then one of these might be your best bet. And if you are planning on gaming on it for long periods of time, it might be better to set yourself up with a gaming station in full with extra monitors etc too. The initial outlay of a desktop can seem higher but in fact, they are easier to upgrade in the future rather than having to replace the whole machine so can work out more cost effective. Desktops can also be far easy to repair thanks to their accessibility so if anything goes wrong, at least the issues won’t be quite as painful to remedy.

Pros of new tech

Who doesn’t like to be the first careful owner of something? Who doesn’t like choosing then buying exactly what they want? Getting something brand new is great not just in terms of the personal satisfaction but also the peace of mind knowing that in the event of any problems, you can return it to where you bought it and that it is also covered by a warranty. If you are someone who likes to replace their kit regularly, having all the original packaging and keeping it all in good order means you’ll be able to resell it for the maximum second hand price further down the line too. This is relevant for peripherals such as monitors too. Buying a high quality one such as this Asus Flicker Free 21.5”.Asus 21.5" monitor

Pros of refurbished tech

There are many fantastic reasons to choose refurbished instead of new. We have picked some of the top ones here:

  1. Cost – you can often get more bang for your buck with a refurbished machine, meaning you get a better spec for the same price as a brand new one. Take a look at this fantastic and fully customisable Dell OptiPlex 7020 from just £170.
    Dell OptiPlex 7020
  2. Functionality – you don’t need to worry that your machine will have limited functionality or might break when buying refurbished from a reputable retailer. They will be fully tested before being resold and any necessary amends made. They also come with a warranty if bought from the right place to put your mind at rest completely so game in confidence with a machine such as this Cheap Core i5 4th Gen Gaming PC 
    Cheap Core i5 4th Gen
  3. Age – refurbished doesn’t always mean that it has been used a lot in a past life. It can actually mean an ex-display machine that has barely been touched, so really, you’re getting pretty much brand new for a reduced price

When choosing your next piece of tech, it’s very important you get the right one for you whether that be desktop or laptop, brand new or refurbished. At Expertec, we have specialists on hand to chat to you whenever you’re ready so just message us or call us and we’ll be happy to help.