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  • The Heart Of Your PC - Choosing Your Graphics Card

    Put simply, your graphics card is like the heart of your PC, pumping pixels from your tower onto your screen. If your graphics card isn’t quite up to speed your whole PC and gaming experience is going to be affected. Here, we take a look at our collection of graphics cards in our build your own PC range to help you find the best graphics card for you.

    Palit GT710, 1GB DDR3 - £33.94

     palit GT710

    Our lowest priced graphics card at £33.94, the Palit GT710 is a great entry level graphics card for your new machine. With a 954MHz clock speed, 1GB of memory and 192 CUDA cores, this great value graphics card is equipped to process high quality images quickly to provide a realistic gaming experience.

    Asus GT710, 2GB DDR5 - £49.99 

    asus GT710

    The Asus GT710 graphics card has a 954MHz clock speed, 2GB memory and 192 CUDA cores to provide premium quality graphics for a great value price. Meanwhile, the GT 710’s 0dB thermal design and AUTO-EXTREME technology enhances efficiency, reduces power loss and decreases component noise.

    Palit GeForce GT1030, 2GB DDR4 - £81.28



    The Palit Ge Force boasts an impressive 384 CUDA Cores, a 1227MHz clock speed and 2GB DDR4 memory to provide. This combined with the latest NVIDIA technology, accelerates your entire PC and produces high-performance, state of the art graphics for a great price!

    Palit GTX1050 StormX, 2GB DDR5 - £151.87


    Play classic and modern games at 1080p @ 60 FPS with the most advanced GeForce FTX graphics card in our collection. With 2GB DDR5 memory, 640 CUDA Cores, 1354 MHz clock speed, power efficiency, TurboFan blad and all new NVIDIA Pascal architecture, the Palit GTX1050 is the perfect graphics card for the avid gamer.

    Asus Cerberus GTX1050 Ti Advanced 4GB - £199.87


    With 4GB GDDR5, dual fan design, Super Alloy Power II, 768 CUDA Cores and 1303 MHz base clock speed, the Cerberus GTX1050 offers enhanced reliability and gamer performance for fast paced gaming marathons.

    With a great range of graphics cards to suit a variety of budgets and gaming needs, our build your own PC range offers high quality gaming for everyone. Shop online now!

  • Choosing Your CPU - The Brain Of Your PC

    Your CPU is like the brain of your PC, performing actions and running programmes. Therefore, you want to choose the best CPU for you so your PC can run seamlessly and play the latest games in high settings. In this build your own PC blog, we take a look at our range of processors and their respective specifications.

    AMD A8 9600 Bristol Ridge 3.1GHz Quad Core CPU - £61.43


    The lowest priced, and only AMD CPU in our range, the AMD A8 9600 Bristol Ridge Quad Core CPU is compatible with an AM4 socket and features built in Radeon graphics. Boasting incredible visual experiences, boosted productivity and enhanced multimedia, the AMD Quad Core CPU, is a great value processor that still offers a fast-paced gaming experience.

    Intel Core i5-8400 CPU, 1151, 2.8 GHz Coffee Lake - £186.71

    i5 8400

    This 8th Gen i5 processor is compatible with a 1151 socket and 9MB cache. With memory type DDR4-2133/2400 and featuring Intel’s latest technology, such as Turbo Boost, the Intel Core i5-8400 provides 6 cores and threads on a budget.

    Intel Core I5-7500 CPU, 1151, 3.4 GHz Kaby Lake - £201.30

    i5 7500

    Compatible with a 1151 socket, this 7th Gen i5 processor is VR ready, features ultra HD 4K HDR premium content, 4 threads with hyper-threading technology and Intel Turbo Boost technology so you can perform multiple tasks simultaneously without your CPU slowing you down!

    Intel Core I7-7700 CPU 1151 3.6 GHz Kaby Lake - £317.07

    i7 7700

    With 8MB Cache, 8 threads benefitting from hyper-threading technology, this 7th Gen i7 CPU is compatible with a 1151 socket and features Intel Turbo Boost Technology to ensure your PC runs as efficiently as possible when performing multiple tasks.

    Intel Core i7-8700 CPU, 1151, 3.2 GHz Coffee Lake - £326.36

    i7 8700

    Our most advanced CPU, the intel core i7-8700 benefits from 6 cores, hyper-threading technology, 12MB Cache size and a great VR experience. This high-tech specification is ideal for avid gamers looking to play the latest games in the highest settings.

    With the latest, industry-leading processors to choose from, start building your PC today. Alternatively, you can find out more about which processor is best for you here.

  • Motherboards - Build Your Own PC Range

    A motherboard is a circuit board usually found at the bottom or back side of your computer case and allocates power and allows communication to your CPU, RAM and other hardware components. With such a central role to play in the smooth running of your PC, you want to select the right motherboard for you and your PC. Here, we take a look at the motherboards found in our build your own PC range. 

    Asrock A320M-DGS, AMD A320, AM4, Micro ATX Motherboard - £50.98

    Asrock A320M-DGS, AMD A320, AM4, Micro ATX Motherboard Asrock A320M-DGS, AMD A320, AM4, Micro ATX Motherboard £50.99

    With an AM4 socket, this Asrock motherboard is compatible with AMD CPUs and comes with an Integrated AMD Radeon R-Series Graphics in A-series APU. Meanwhile, its microATX form provides four expansion slots, two RAM slots and DDR4 RAM, allowing you to build an efficient, high-speed PC.

    Asus H110M-K, Intel H110, 1151, Micro ATX, Motherboard - £61.82

    Asus H110M-K, Intel H110, 1151, Micro ATX, Motherboard Asus H110M-K, Intel H110, 1151, Micro ATX, Motherboard £61.82

    This Asus motherboard, supports 7th Gen i5 and i7 processors thanks to its Intel Socket 1151.

    Meanwhile, the integrated graphics processor and four expansion slots, provided by its microATX form make this graphics card the perfect solution for those who want a compact, yet fully functioning, gaming PC.

    Asrock Z370M PRO4, Intel Z370, 1151, Micro ATX Motherboard - £117.26

    Asrock Z370M PRO4, Intel Z370, 1151, Micro ATX Motherboard Asrock Z370M PRO4, Intel Z370, 1151, Micro ATX Motherboard £117.26

    Our highest performance motherboard, the Asrock Z370M is compatible with 8th Gen processors only and supports Intel HD graphics cards. Meanwhile, its microATX form offers four expansion slots and provides a streamlined, yet full-capability motherboard that is an ideal choice for avid gamers and PC builders.

    Starting from just £50.98, our motherboards provide the perfect foundation to build your PC around. So, what are you waiting for? Choose your motherboard and start building your Gaming PC today!

  • Cool Cases In Our Build Your Own PC Range!

    When buying a PC, we know you won’t like all the components in our prebuilt Gaming PC’s. However, we also know that building your own can be an expensive process.

    That’s why we’ve created our Build Your Own PC range!

    Here, we take a look at some of the industry leading cases we have available to make your Gaming PC look and perform the best!

    CiT Gaming Cases - £31.20

    CiT F3 White/Blue Gaming Case CiT F3 White/Blue Gaming Case - £31.20
    CiT F3 Black/Blue Gaming Cas CiT F3 Black/Blue Gaming Case - £31.20








    Our lowest priced cases, the CiT F3 Gaming cases feature a high tech specification for a great value price.

    Thanks to its mesh steel front and top panel that are ideal for high end cooling, the CiT F3 case is one of the best sellers on the market. Meanwhile, its 2 2.0 USB ports, a HD audio port and 1 USB 3.0 port are all conveniently located on the top of the front panel for easy access.

    Available in white and blue and black and blue, the F3 cases come with LED fans, allowing you to keep your cool while gaming.

    Game Max Falcon Gaming Case - £56.47

    Game Max Falcon Gaming Case Game Max Falcon Gaming Case - £56.47

    At £56.47, the Game Max Falcon Gaming Case is an outstanding midi tower high-end gaming PC with a great specification.

    Supporting a 240mm water cooling radiator on the front and top and with a full mesh front panel and top cover, this PC case ensures you can enjoy dust free cooling to keep you gaming for longer.

    With RGB LED fans and a choice of black or white case colour, the Max Falcon has a high-end look to match its high-end specification.

    Game Max Sirius Gaming Case - £79.99

    Game Max Sirius Gaming Case Game Max Sirius Gaming Case - £79.99

    The Game Max Sirius Gaming Case puts you in control thanks to the two fan controllers that allow you to control the noise and temperature of the case and an LED button on top of the case that allows you to change the colours of the RGB fans.

    The 3 x 120mm RGB fans on the front and 1 x 120mm RGB on the back are an excellent cooling solution so you can enjoy long gaming sessions without worrying about your PC’s temperature.

    Meanwhile, the tempered glass side windows allow you to show off the RGB LED lighting and the interior of your Gaming PC, for a high-end, slick gaming set up.

    Our range of Gaming Cases allow you to choose the look and set up of your Gaming PC for the price you want. So, what are you waiting for? Start building your perfect PC today!

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