Virtual Reality is REALLY HERE! The Oculus Rift DK2 headset

There are 2 sorts of people who should have this new virtual reality experience:

The experienced gamers who are looking for a more advanced way to build and develop more amazing games and experiences. You can play your games with an unbelievable realism that did not exist before.

The curious new adventurer…the person who has heard about virtual reality (VR) but never experienced it. This headset will totally overwhelm you! Coupled with headphones you will be fully immersed in magical experiences of both fictitious and real world events.

For those new to Virtual Reality the Oculus Rift DK2 is a reality adventure! VR recreates physical environments by artificially creating sensory experiences through various technologies. There are things to see and experience and actually feel as though you are actually there in a different world.


When the camera is set up and you’re hooked into the positional tracking system something really magical will happen. You are no longer just looking around from a fixed place, you can actually (with in reason) move yourself in and out of whatever environment you are in. Move your head closer to the camera and your own virtual head will move into the virtual space. You can duck down to look under objects, dodge branches in your walk through a wood, look out of windows and lean around doors. You can go out in a boat and look down into the water! In effect you have a virtual human experience!

For the experienced VR enthusiast the Oculus Rift DK2 is an enormous leap forward from previous models.


The DK2 unit is light and easy to wear, the cable now runs across the top of the head and is braided so you feel freer in movement than previously. MORE important is the quality improvements in your experience.

The DK2 uses low persistence OLED display – this eliminates any motion blur or judder previously experienced in earlier models. This blurring has always been the biggest contributor to simulator sickness.

The DK2 has very precise, low-latency positional tracking. This is the key requirement for virtual reality to be successful. The tracking of your real world head movements means you are open to an entirely new set of interactions and exciting game play opportunities.


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