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Got a new PC game – get a good processor!

Plenty of new games being released in 2020 and no doubt you are one of those who cannot wait to try them out.

How do you know that your PC will handle your latest game, whether it be Doom Eternal, Cyberpunk 2077, or perhaps Dying Light 2 – is your gaming PC up to the challenge of a quick-moving action or multiplayer game? Expertec can help you out with any advice you may need about this as they are specialists with long-standing experience of gaming computers.

Some questions are simple, but the top of the list to know about is whether your CPU – or processor – is fast enough to handle the games you want to play. Different games have different requirements and if you have acquired a game which does not run correctly you may need some professional advice on your computer components.

Some fast action games require multi-core CPU’s. Consequently, if you are buying a new gaming PC make sure you get the right one for your games. For advanced gamers: the Intel Core i7 – 9700 9th Gen Gaming PC 8GB 1TB Ultra-Fast, looks very sleek having one of the fastest processors you can buy and is in stock at Expertec.

This is customisable too so you can take advantage of the expert advice offered at Expertec to decide if this is the right unit for the games you want to run.


For new gamers: to get you into gaming Expertec have a great starter PC which will cater for your gaming needs and can be tailored to suit as you progress with your expertise. The Core i3 8100 Coffee Lake Gaming PC uses the very latest Intel technology.

PC games can be very different in their requirements. For instance, if you are planning on purchasing the new Crusader Kings 3 game you may need something like a Core i5 8400 Coffee Lake 8th Gen PC 8GB DDR4 1TB Win 10 for smooth and good quality graphics.

By contacting the customer service team – using online chat is convenient – you can make sure that you get exactly the right gaming PC advice before you buy.

PC New Year Sale – 10% Off Everything!

YES – there is 10% off the price of EVERYTHING in the Expertec New year sale.

If you are looking for a technology bargain this January, wanting to upgrade your old desktop PC or investing in a new gaming setup, first decide on your budget and then get in touch with the experts.

When deciding to buy any new technology you normally need some good impartial advice, as everybody has different and individual requirements for their PC choices. Accordingly, look for a company with trusted recommendations which has top quality brands and products.

For a first-time buyer of a gaming PC it may be advisable to go for a refurbished entry-level item which will be a more affordable (especially with 10% off!), and this will help you get accustomed to what you need from a gaming system. With advice from technology experts, they can lead you through the type of personal choices you will need to make when purchasing your item. All the items in the sale are guaranteed for 1 year.

E.g. Prices start for an entry-level gaming PC like the Quad Core Gaming PC Computer WiFi 1TB 8GB + 2GB Graphics at £166.99 (£150.29 with 10% discount) and going up to advanced gaming systems such as the CORE i5 7400, Euro Truck SIM 2 Bundle, 8GB RAM, 1 TB HDD, 4GB GTX1650 graphics windows 10 Pro at £726.15 (£653.53 with 10% discount).

For the latest gaming PC’s, Desk Top PC’s and peripherals at unbeatable prices, you can find all of this in the Expertec New Year sale.


Go big or go home? Apex Legends seems to think so. For their first Halloween event the fight or fright collection. Accessible from October 15 to November 5th a limited-time Halloween themed event will be available for gamers.

So, what’s included in the Halloween collection?

The all new limited mode featuring Kings Canyon at night, in the darkness there will be exclusive challenges where you can also earn free loot, Halloween themed cosmetics and more. It doesn’t stop there, once you die you will respawn to join the shadow squad as an undead version of your legend.

The shadow squad, where you kill off the living! Your abilities will be stripped along with your weapon, instead you will become faster and have a greater jump speed and scale the walls. Additionally, you will have unlimited respawns via skydive and brutal melee attacks.
Apex legends takes the collection even further, with shadowfall. This mode transforms dead players in stalkers to kill off the living. Zombies will be dropping in to join you and exploding, leaving behind their gear.

The Halloween collection will also preview the heirloom item. If you manage to unlock all 24 Fight of Fright Collection Items during the Halloween event, you’ll unlock the Lifeline Heirloom set for free. However, if you don’t manage to do this within the event, it will also be available as a bonus in Apex after.

The fight or fright Halloween collection event looks ghoulishly great! Available for a limited time only so make sure you get the most out of the collection.

Our AMD Gaming PC is perfect for playing Apex legend, save time and money and bundle up! Customisable upgrades available, prices starting from £559.69!

Summer 2019 – Game Releases!

The summer season is approaching us, the hot weather and sunshine on the other hand we can’t be sure on. Focusing on the bright side there are some great releases this summer, so lucky you if you have plenty of time off to game!

Below we have listed a few of the great releases coming this summer:

July 2nd – Final Fantasy 14: shadowbringers

July 26th – Welfenstiend: youngblood

August 6th – Age of wonders: planetfall

August 27th – World of Warcraft Classic

August 27th – Shenmue III

August 27th – Control


Why not take advantage of our epic summer sale and update your PC to play current games in a high setting. One of our offers this summer gets you a FREE AOC G2260VWQ6 LED 21.5” Freesync gaming monitor when you buy a Ryzen or Intel Gaming PC over £700! We are treating you this summer so take a look at the different offers available here.

Are You Ready To Re-Enter The World Of Darkness With Bloodlines 2?

Bloodlines, the long anticipated sequel to Vampire: The Masquerade is coming and we’re ready to be cast into the World of Darkness once again almost 20 years later.

What Do We Know So Far?

Stalking your prey across the vampire-run Seattle districts, you will meet the old blood founders as well as the new blood steering, the tech money, which is rapidly redefining the city.

As you bid to find your place among competing factions, remember that everyone has hidden agendas, and, as always with Bloodlines, no one’s bloodthirsty hands can stay clean forever.

With clan and plot details still largely under wraps, these snippets are all we have to go on for now. But, it’s still enough to get us excited for one of the most hotly anticipated gaming sequels coming early next year.

Get Ready To Enter The World Of Darkness

Coming Q1 2020 to PC, make sure your Gaming PC and setup is ready for Bloodlines 2 and its city of blood and fog with our leading gaming PC’s.

Ryzen 3 1200, 8GB RAM, 2GB GTX 1050, 1TB Gaming PC Windows 10 – PUBG

bloodlines 2

With the latest AMD technology and a Nvidia GTX 1050 graphics card, the Ryzen 3 1200 Gaming PC, ensures you can enjoy the fast paced plot and high resolution graphics of Bloodlines 2.

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Intel CORE i7 Gaming PC Kaby Lake 7700 8GB 1TB GTX 1050Ti 4GB ULTRA FAST – Single Monitor with Gaming Keyboard Bundle – Expedition White

bloodlines 2

As well as a Nvidia GEF GTX 1050 Ti 4GB graphics card that enables you to play the latest games in the highest setting, this Gaming Bundles comes with an AOC HDMI monitor and blue gaming keyboard and mouse set to complete your gaming setup and help you fully immerse yourself in The World of Darkness.

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Core i7 7700 KabyLake Water Cooled Gaming PC 4GB GTX 1050 Ti Windows 10

bloodlines 2

Keep your cool in the fractional war thanks to this Core i7 7700 KabyLake Water Cooled Gaming PC. Plus, keep up with the high-speed of battles thanks to the Nvidia GEF GTX 1050Ti graphics card which can process high quality images quickly.

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To get ready for Bloodlines 2 and other upcoming gaming releases, shop our industry leading Gaming PC’s now!