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Serious computer addicts and gamers need serious support!!

Most of us walk into a shop and will have seen lots of swivel style computer chairs…lets face it there are so many to choose from, fairly cheap, and very often you see them for sale second hand or at a recycling centre! Not decrying their good uses here….they are fine for normal office tasks and short periods of sitting BUT…..

Well for a start lets consider how many hours a day we serious addicts can spend at a computer. Sometimes we get so involved in the work or game before you know it hours have gone by, you get up and ‘ouch’ some muscle will ache somewhere…and its usually back pain which is most common!

We may have spent a fortune on the best technology available for our use e.g. you may have invested in the latest keyboard and mouse for the ultimate playing experience, then thought ok – I’ll get a cheap office chair. However believe it or not a really good chair can determine the overall experience of gaming!

To say ‘bye bye’ to back pain a good gaming chair which fits your own personal body size and posture is one which allows you to sit ergonomically and comfortably. By ergonomically we mean more than just comfort…it is a healthier more supportive chair.

Health info: Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) – most of us will have heard about – and they can happen when you perform the same task continuously. E.g. MSDs such as lower back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, tendinitis, epicondylitis (tennis elbow), rotator cuff syndrome, and shoulder injuries are the most known ones. If you spend time sitting in an ‘ergonomic’ gaming chair you can help prevent this from happening.


So lets get serious: A good chair will have Lumbar support, reclining tilt and backrest lock. Armrests, sliding seat adjustable seats and additional cushions. The AK Gaming Racing Chair is one of the best chairs, offering suitable seating for almost every stature. Additionally in black and green it looks stylish too! AK Racing is an established brand with high quality standards and supplied by Expertec online you can be assured of good quality service.


Overall thoughts: For some spending £’s on a gaming chair upfront may seem a bit crazy but it will probably outlast your PC and will make totally transform the overall experience of playing games. Looking at the health benefits I would say it’s a brilliant investment!!