Go big or go home? Apex Legends seems to think so. For their first Halloween event the fight or fright collection. Accessible from October 15 to November 5th a limited-time Halloween themed event will be available for gamers.

So, what’s included in the Halloween collection?

The all new limited mode featuring Kings Canyon at night, in the darkness there will be exclusive challenges where you can also earn free loot, Halloween themed cosmetics and more. It doesn’t stop there, once you die you will respawn to join the shadow squad as an undead version of your legend.

The shadow squad, where you kill off the living! Your abilities will be stripped along with your weapon, instead you will become faster and have a greater jump speed and scale the walls. Additionally, you will have unlimited respawns via skydive and brutal melee attacks.
Apex legends takes the collection even further, with shadowfall. This mode transforms dead players in stalkers to kill off the living. Zombies will be dropping in to join you and exploding, leaving behind their gear.

The Halloween collection will also preview the heirloom item. If you manage to unlock all 24 Fight of Fright Collection Items during the Halloween event, you’ll unlock the Lifeline Heirloom set for free. However, if you don’t manage to do this within the event, it will also be available as a bonus in Apex after.

The fight or fright Halloween collection event looks ghoulishly great! Available for a limited time only so make sure you get the most out of the collection.

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