Grab A Gaming PC Bargain – Expertec Sale Ends 31st January

There is still time to get a bargain if you are looking for a new gaming PC for 2021. With 5% off all our new and refurbished gaming bundles, you can get yourself a completely new, updated gaming setup to kickstart the new year. Take a look at our favourite gaming bundles that are guaranteed to enhance your gaming experience!

Core i3-2100 Gaming Master PC Bundle

Get 5% off the Core i3-2100 Gaming Master PC Bundle. With Windows 10 already installed, this gaming PC is perfect for relaxing and playing your favourite games and doubles up as a great work setup. All rebuilt in a new CiT Master gaming case, this gaming PC gives you a great starting point to enable you to tailor the machine to your specific gaming preferences.

Core i3 gaming bundle

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Quad Core Gaming Commando PC Bundle

Upgrade your gaming setup with the Quad Core Commando Gaming PC Bundle. The quad core processor allows efficient performance and multitasking whilst gaming. This PC has been fully refurbished and rebuilt by our system builders. All rebuilt in a new GameMax Commando gaming case, a current best seller on the market! This entry level gaming PC can be upgraded and customised to suit your gaming preferences.

Quad core commando gaming bundle

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Core i5 2nd Gen Gaming Pyro PC Bundle

Enhance your gaming experience with the Core i5 2nd Gen Gaming Pyro PC Bundle. The Intel Core i5 2nd Gen processor has great processing power for playing your favourite games and is equally great for a work setup. This machine runs on 8GB of DDR3 RAM with a 500GB HDD, allowing you to have an immersive gaming experience.

Core i5 Pyro Gaming Bundle

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The Benefits Of Gaming

There are numerous myths and misconceptions created about gaming and how it can potentially cause health problems. Although gaming sometimes has negative connotations, gaming also has many benefits to it that can help improve skills such as strategic thinking, concentration and decision making.

Improve Social Skills and Teamwork

Playing games such as Fortnite can help improve communication skills, players are able to form small teams and can play cooperatively with their friends. This kind of gaming encourages soft skills such as communication, teamwork and strategic thinking. The rise of multi-player games has given a new form of socialising in which players work together to solve problems. Our Fortnite Gaming Bundle is the perfect PC bundle for any gamer that wants to play games like Fortnite that can improve social skills and teamwork.

Improves Strategic Thinking

More complex games help teach players how to be strategic and analytical. Players might have to assess risks and react quickly to changes in the game. These advanced skills are transferable to jobs and everyday tasks that rely on problem solving, strategic thinking and analytical skills.

Improves Attention and Concentration

Gaming for a reasonable amount of time is great for improving attention and concentration. Games improve players’ concentration and attention by capturing their imagination, helping them to stay focused on certain tasks and build their perseverance to achieve a goal. We recommend the Asus 21.5″ LED TFT Monitor.

Asus Gaming Monitor

Enhances memory

The player is required to read or listen to the instructions which might only be provided at the beginning of the game. These instructions might then need to be remembered throughout the entire game. Gaming keeps the brain active, whilst you need to be quick at processing information your brain also needs to remember lots of different information for a long period of time.