Summer of Gaming

Are your summer plans cancelled? Great news, you can have a summer of gaming and we have all the top gaming peripherals so that you can have the best gaming experience possible. 

It’s time to refresh your gaming accessories to level up and immerse yourself in a new, high quality gaming experience. Continue reading to learn more about the best gaming peripherals and how they will enhance your summer of gaming.

Gaming Starter Kit

If you want to approach a game feeling fully prepared and ready for action, the Marvo Scorpion Gaming Starter Kit is perfect for you! This bundle will kit you out and cover all your gaming needs. The bundle consists of a mouse, pad, keyboard and headphones. What more could you need to enhance your gaming experience this summer?

Purchase the Marvo Scorpian gaming starter kit here for just £23.89

Graphics Card

A graphics card is an essential gaming peripheral if you want the best possible experience and quality whilst gaming. Don’t waste your time with pixelated screens or rubbish resolutions. A graphics card allows you to play your favourite games at the best quality possible. 

The ASUS GT710 1GB graphics card is engineered with an extremely efficient 0db thermal design that dissipates heat in complete silence. It provides intuitive performance tweaking for a truly elite gaming experience like no other.

The ASUS GT710 1GB graphics card can be bought here for £38.93

Gaming Case

The GameMax Mesh Gaming Case is an exceptional cooling, gaming case. The F15 comes with 2x200mm ARGB fans at the front and 1x120mm ARGB fan at the back, this is an essential for anybody planning to spend endless days gaming this summer. Having a gaming case is vital to ensure that your gaming computer doesn’t overheat. The gaming case manages the airflow of the internal components of the computer, allowing you to have hours of gaming without being disturbed and having to worry about your computer overheating. 

Buy the GameMax Mesh Gaming Case here for £63.20

Gaming Headset

Are you ready to get the full, immersive gaming experience? Try out the Game Max G200 Pro Gaming Headset and Microphone. This headset comes with environmental noise cancellation to improve audio sound to enhance your gaming experience. The volume controller is situated on the side, giving you easy control over the sound whilst still being able to game at the highest level. The Game Max G200 has super soft ear pads so you can game for long hours without discomfort. Not to mention, this headset comes with 7 different breathing colours on the side as well as a steel headband making the headset durable and long lasting. Sound great, right?

Purchase your Game Max G200 Pro headset here for £23.99

You can view our full range of gaming peripherals here to kick-start your summer of gaming.

Myth Buster – Refurbished Desktops

‘Refurbished’ can often be a confusing word especially when purchasing tech products as they can deemed to be broken, old and cheap. However, these are all incorrect. Buying a refurbished desktop allows you to have a high-quality product that has been tested for a fraction of the price of a brand-new desktop. Here are a few of the huge benefits of why you should consider purchasing a refurbished desktop.

High Quality

All our refurbished desktops are professionally tested and re-conditioned to the highest quality. They also come with one year’s warranty included with them, so you don’t have to worry about faults or damages. Refurbished desktops do not mean old or broken, you are receiving the same high-quality desktop for a fraction of the cost of a new desktop. Refurbished desktops are an ideal option if you are looking for a high-quality desktop or laptop but want to keep the costs low.

Environmentally Friendly

By purchasing a refurbished desktop, you are helping the environment. Refurbished desktops help by reducing the waste of faulty desktops that could be thrown away. This allows more desktops to be reused and less are being wasted. Buying a refurbished desktop is a great option if you want to help reduce waste and have an environmentally friendly impact whilst purchasing.

Tried and Tested

Buying a refurbished desktop means that you are purchasing a trustworthy and reliable desktop that has reviews and has been tested by a professional team to ensure that everything is working to the highest standard. Unless you are looking for a new high-tech PC, a refurbished PC would be the ideal option for you.


Our refurbished PC’s are available in bundles and are also customisable. This gives you the option to explore the variety of refurbished desktops and still customise them to suit your needs. We have a wide variety of refurbished desktops including the Core i5, Quad Core and Intel Pentium. Therefore, you can still shop a wide variety of desktops for a much smaller price.

All our refurbished desktops can be found here. They are all professionally tested and re-conditioned to the highest quality and all come with 1 year’s warranty.

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