Tech to connect – now and in the future

Most of us have, at some time or other, been guilty of living for the weekends. We want to blast through the working week as quickly as possible to enjoy our two precious days of freedom when we can do as we please.

The current lockdown situation, however, has changed our ability to do pretty much all of the things we might have looked forward to in the past. Shopping, eating out, attending sporting events, seeing friends and family, going away – all of it has been stopped indefinitely. We can still binge watch TV but aren’t the furloughed doing that all week anyway?!

Instead, we have the opportunity to do things at home that don’t otherwise get done. Which is great, for the doers. But for some people, this relentless isolation and the associated boredom might be causing outbreaks of anxiety.

An effective way of overcoming these feelings is to engage with others. Easier said than done when the advice is to stay as far away from most people as possible! But that’s where technology can come in very handy. Tech has been nothing short of a saviour for us in recent months – from vulnerable people being able to video call their grandchildren, to young singletons living alone having group quizzes with their friends. Parties have happened virtually, of course, and all manner of services have transferred online too.

If this lockdown had happened even 5 years ago, we wouldn’t be in the arguably fortunate position we are now. We can chat to everyone we know and love, and engage with the services we need, all via the devices we have to hand every day. Technology is so advanced that our isolation hasn’t been in anyway complete, it’s only ever been physical.

So what does this all mean? Well for now, it means we get to stay connected to our loved ones and our necessary services (and the odd retail outlet we can’t seem to distance from). But going forwards, how might things change?

The role technology has played has been fundamental to our survival both economic and physical in many ways. We’ve managed to shift into working remotely and face to face services are executed at a distance. This only looks set to continue – and won’t the world be a better place for it?

Now, we are seeing that the huge office spaces that demanded filling with the full workforce are what should really be redundant. We have seen pollution levels drop. We have seen mental health improve in some respects as a work-life balance can be more easily achieved when the commute disappears and work breaks can see a quick chore done at home.

The whole world has become more flexible and staff have proven they can be trusted to be productive. Technology has also proven its worth a thousand times over, showing that we can stay informed, connected, engaged, collaborative, supported and supportive from wherever we may work.

Out of this awful situation, hopefully these improvements will remain on the commercial horizon with more of us able to work flexibly to suit both us and our employers. Hopefully we will see reduced congestion, pollution lowered and happier, more fulfilled employees thanks to a better overall balance. We’ll see businesses stay lean and efficient with smaller offices thanks to fewer colleagues being in attendance. Necessity might be the mother of invention, but she also bore innovation too. So let’s hope we don’t lose the agility and adaptability we’ve all adopted in recent weeks.

At Expertec, we focus on providing the best quality IT for your budget, whether it be for personal use or professional. If you want more bang for your buck, we suggest a refurbished desktop. They are tested and verified by our experts, have a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty and offer great value for money. Our top pick is the Dell Optiplex MT i3 8GB 500GB 120GB SSD with 1GB Graphics card + Windows 10

Best refurbished PC - Dell Optiplex

If you will be spending more time online, why not invest a monitor that will help to maintain your eye health such as this Asus 27″ Eye Care LED Monitor?

Asus 27 inch monitor

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Our top tech picks

At Expertec, we are passionate about the tech we sell and the service we deliver. All of us who work here love nothing more than a cool bit of kit, from a decent monitor to a top of the range tower. We regularly enter into healthy debates about the merits of different items so put ourselves to the test and have picked out the best of our bunch.

Below, you’ll find our top picks from each of the categories of products we sell and the reasons why we have picked them out. Of course, everything on our site is top quality or it wouldn’t be there. But these are our personal favourites for different reasons. Take a look…

Best desktop PC

Winner: Aerocool CS-101 Slim M-ATX i7-9700 3.0GHz DT Win 10 – Customisable

Cool by name, cool by nature, this machine will look stylish wherever you put it. And thanks to its slim build, it won’t overly dominate your desk space either. We love it for so much more than just its good looks though. Its i7 processor for one means it can handle everything you throw at it with ease, and you won’t be sat twiddling your thumbs whilst things load. It comes with 8GB of RAM as standard but upgrading it to 16GB won’t break the bank thanks to the fact it’s fully customisable too. That also means you can have 1TB SSD installed before it arrives too. Graphics are thanks to Intel® UHD Graphics 630 and the motherboard is an Asrock H310CM-HDV. This powerful machine will meet all your needs, especially if you personalise it to your exact requirements.

Best desktop PC - Aerocool

Best refurbished desktop PC

Winner: Dell Optiplex MT i3 8GB 500GB 120GB SSD with 1GB Graphics card + Windows 10

This is incredible value for money thanks to being refurbished, but there is no question on the quality. All our refurbished machines are tested and serviced to ensure excellent condition before being resold. It comes with an i3 processor, a 1GB graphics card plus 8GB of RAM, a 500GB hard drive and 120GB SSD drive. It’s a mini tower for compact storage making it the perfect addition to any office or study.

Best refurbished PC - Dell Optiplex

Best gaming PC

Winner: Core i9 7920X 16GB RAM 2TB HDD 256GB M.2 SSD 8GB RTX2070 Graphics Card Gaming PC

This was perhaps the most hotly debated category as we are all such avid gamers and really, we’re not sure everyone agrees. However, what no one can say is that this isn’t an impressive machine. Yes, it is the most expensive on our books but that’s with good reason. It has the latest Intel technology – i9 processor – plus it’s fully customisable. So if the 16GB of DDR4 3600MHZ RAM, 2TB HDD and 256GB M.2 SSD isn’t enough for you (?!) then you can take it even further. It’s also worth noting how AMAZING it is to look at too so you’ll be the envy of gaming buddies!

Best gaming PC - Core i9

Best refurbished gaming PC

Winner: Cheap Core i5 4th Gen Gaming PC Tower With WIFI & 8GB 1TB HDD + 120gb SSD + 2GB 1030 Graphics

An i5 processor, with 1TB HDD and 120GB SSD at this price means we couldn’t help but feature this machine. It’s such good value for money! Plus, you have the peace of mind knowing that even though it’s refurbished, there will be no compromise on quality thanks to the fact it has been fully rebuilt in house by our experts. With multiple things to customise to make sure it does what you want it to do, you can even choose the colour of the case! This machine will satisfy you for a long time.

Best refurbished gaming PC - Cheap Core


Don’t forget, we also have a huge range of peripherals available from monitors to coolers, keyboards to mice, headsets to graphics cards and all kinds of drives too. There are extras and accessories for even the most devoted techie to choose from so browse the full selection here.

At Expertec, we really do take pride in our products and our service and we’re always happy to chat to customers about all their gaming and IT needs. So give us a call on 0800 2600688 or chat to us online, and we’ll be happy to help.