Understanding Graphics Cards

Do you want high definition visuals? Then you need a decent graphics card. A graphics card is simply a printed circuit board controlling the output to your display screen.

We all want the best visuals. However, your budget mostly decides what graphics card is best. Also, its good to note that when you do buy a graphics card understanding your CPU is just as essential. Some say that the graphics card is more important than the CPU but really, they’re just as important.

So, a printed circuit board, what exactly is it? Your CPU is working with software applications and sends that data to the graphics card, your graphics card will then use that information to place the pixels in as certain way on your screen to create your overall visual display.

You can imagine how much information is being sent between your CPU and graphics card when playing the Far Cry 5! Therefore, it’s best to assess what games you are wanting to play and what your budget is when deciding what graphics card to purchase.
Graphics cards can be purchased in two different ways we can also go into the two different versions of a graphics card, don’t worry it’s not complicated.

Integrated graphics cards
This means that your graphics card is built into your CPU, specifically the motherboard. It is argued that due to being pre-built into the CPU, integrated graphics cards are not as powerful as discrete cards. However, they are more economical as the integrated graphics card shares memory with the CPU. On the other hand, recent processors have delivered powerful integrated GPU’s!

Dedicated graphics cards
Separate from the CPU (still working very closely together) dedicated graphics cards are added into the expansion slot of the motherboard. This means the ability to upgrade your graphics card is easy due to a simple swap. Mainly dedicated graphics cards are for the PC gamer, edit videos or produce CAD designs.

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Ultimately, its all about balance. Your CPU should support your graphics card, your case should be big enough to fit all components nicely, as they are all working together ensuring you can work or play hard!


Go big or go home? Apex Legends seems to think so. For their first Halloween event the fight or fright collection. Accessible from October 15 to November 5th a limited-time Halloween themed event will be available for gamers.

So, what’s included in the Halloween collection?

The all new limited mode featuring Kings Canyon at night, in the darkness there will be exclusive challenges where you can also earn free loot, Halloween themed cosmetics and more. It doesn’t stop there, once you die you will respawn to join the shadow squad as an undead version of your legend.

The shadow squad, where you kill off the living! Your abilities will be stripped along with your weapon, instead you will become faster and have a greater jump speed and scale the walls. Additionally, you will have unlimited respawns via skydive and brutal melee attacks.
Apex legends takes the collection even further, with shadowfall. This mode transforms dead players in stalkers to kill off the living. Zombies will be dropping in to join you and exploding, leaving behind their gear.

The Halloween collection will also preview the heirloom item. If you manage to unlock all 24 Fight of Fright Collection Items during the Halloween event, you’ll unlock the Lifeline Heirloom set for free. However, if you don’t manage to do this within the event, it will also be available as a bonus in Apex after.

The fight or fright Halloween collection event looks ghoulishly great! Available for a limited time only so make sure you get the most out of the collection.

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