Summer 2017 – 5 Exciting New Video Games Coming Soon!

Not in any specific order, here are our pick of 5 video gaming titles coming soon in 2017…

Agents of Mayhem (August release) – the game has 3 ‘heroes’ who have to take on evil/the bad guys in an action packed open-world landscape. There are 12 heroes to pick from both men and women and they will all have their own unique style and ability.The 3 main characters are part of an organisation called Mayhem who’s goal is stop a terrorist organisation called Legion from destroying the world.

Destiny 2 (September) – this is a Sci-fi sequel to the MMFOPS Destiny game. The first person shooting core will have 3 classes to pick from, Warlock, Hunter and Titan. The action takes you through different worlds to break down the plot, players have to build up earths defences after an attack, reclaim their battle gear and there’s plenty of alien fighting action.

Project cars 2 (September) – can’t resist a good racing game then this is for you! It promises 170+ cars, 60+ racks and these some of the tracks are actually scanned from real world courses. The cars will be fast, shiny and bigger than the original version of this game. Add in some dynamic weather conditions and competitive leagues and you’re off!

Call of Duty WW2 (November release) – this action packed multiplayer game has intense action in gritty gunplay, and is based on real life locations from WW2. There will be iconic battles across Europe, after a D Day landing in Normandy. This game focuses on the story of a single young and inexperienced Private Daniels, however interestingly on one mission you join the French resistance and fight as a woman. The whole game is set in very realistic conditions including attention to weather and also the use of various Divisions which may incorporate vehicles.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 (also November) – if you are a fan of Star Wars films, and enjoyed the previous Battlefront game this is for you as this game will feature some major characters from all 3 of the Star Wars films eras. Luke and Darth Vader will be amongst the likes of Yoda, Darth Maul, Kylo Ren and they will all be customisable for the various missions you will undertake. There is a full single player campaign mode featuring an empire trooper plus numerous space battles.

These are by no means the top 5 games to be coming out at the end of summer 2017….just 5 interesting ones. The main reason they have been selected is that they can all be experienced on a PC platform, and this may be the best way to view them. If you have not yet invested in a Gaming PC then perhaps it is time?

The prices for specialist PC’s are very competitive but the more established dealers now offer finance facilities.

Another couple of things to observe if you decide to invest are:

1. Type of warranty with the equipment

2. Customer service, if something goes wrong or you are new to your Gaming PC you may need help pretty quickly!

3. If you go for finance read the terms carefully and discuss it fully with the dealer.