Gaming Mice will win!

There’s no doubt about it that a standard office mouse is not up to scratch when it comes to gaming. For a start it only normally has 3 buttons! A gaming mouse may have 5 to 9 buttons and has special features which will aid any gamer to be able to be better whatever level you play. Some even have backlighting so they look great too.

For gamers there is a much bigger choice depending on the style that suits you, what feels comfortable in your hand, and whether the buttons are positioned correctly for you. It all comes down to personal choice – the purpose you need it for, and of course your budget.  However there will be definitely one to suit you.

Good priced gaming computers are now much more readily available to suit every budget and so the market for suitable gaming mice gas also expanded.

So get familiar with the important things and terms to look out for when choosing the right mouse for your gaming:

  • DPI – this literally means dots per inch, and this will be an indication of how sensitive the mouse is. This does not necessarily mean you must have one with the highest DPI you can get. The important thing is that the higher the DPI is the further that the cursor on your screen will move when you activate the mouse. Obviously therefore the higher the DPI setting then the more sensitive the mouse is – it will react quicker to smaller movements.
  • Number of buttons – 3 buttons is basic but 5 buttons is essential. The reason for this is that the 2 extra buttons can be used by your thumb easily, for copying and pasting, switching or closing tabs and backward browser pages. You will find some gaming mice have 7 or more buttons and whether you need these for your gaming depends on what games you might want to play – it is a personal choice. E.g. Thunder X3 TM10 which is a 6 button mouse.



N.B The mouse buttons allow you to be able to bind keyboard keys to the mouse. Then you can keep your fingers on the WASD keys more often. (The WASD keys on the keyboard are used in place of arrow keys).

  • Wired mice V wireless – there are more wired gaming mice about than not, and some opinions regards the wired option as best. It is all about personal choice again.
  • All purpose mouse for ordinary PC or specialised gaming? If you intend to use your normal PC for gaming too then you will need an all purpose gaming mouse. If you are a novice player and trying out different types of gaming, an all purpose mouse which would be versatile enough to take them all would be the best choice.
  • Time spent gaming – hours or minutes? – If you spend long periods of time gaming, a mouse which is packed full of specialised customisations will give you the most comfort and aid your gaming experience e.g. Thunder X3 TM60 Gaming Mouse 16000 DPI.


thunder tm60

The phrase – ‘you pay for what you get’ does not always apply with gaming mice as you may end up purchasing one which is totally wrong for you and your purpose! Gaming mice are not automatically any better quality than a normal cheaper mouse. It is often assumed because they are slightly more expensive that they must be a higher quality.

The important thing to remember when choosing is to get the right one for YOUR personal gaming, the price you pay reflects only the amount of customisation details that you need.  Speaking to a supplier of computer gaming accessories is highly recommended as they will know to sell only the best most reliable items and give you the right advice. Check out the ones who have experience and good customer service contact – always a good idea!

Gaming keyboards –engineered to win?

Keyboard choice is a serious decision especially if your keyboard doubles up as a game controller.

Gaming keyboards undoubtedly are special…but deciding which one best is for you really is a matter of personal taste. As with all gaming equipment – if you get the right tools you have more chance of being the best! You need precision and a quick response.

Trying to decide what exactly you need can be difficult, especially if this is your first gaming keyboard, so here are a few important points.

Most recommendations are for mechanical keyboards – reason being these are more comfortable over a long haul. Personal preferences are paramount as there are so many special features to choose from e.g. gigantic wrist pads, compact shapes, macro keys, volume controls, and numeric keypads and some even have disco type lighting!

Specific features differ on every keyboard, and features that are unimportant on a normal keyboard have a totally new significance if you use it for gaming.

Here are some of the main features to look out for:

Back lighting – some you can change the colour to suit. The lighting facility is not just to light up keys for use in a dimmed environment but with adjustable colour and multiple lighting zones you can light up your most used keys separately, e.g. there may be a separate light for your back arrow key. Additionally you can just turn the LCD off!


Multi key rollover and anti ghosting facilities mean you can rely on your keyboard to quickly register multiple and complex commands.

Programmable keys mean you can take more control as these will make some complex actions much simpler.

Macro keys when well positioned can help you fire off spells or switch weapons in a flash!

Multi use keyboard – to be able to use the keyboard for normal office use, the keys do need to be close together to be able to use it for normal typing – some keyboards are not suitable for this.

Coloured keys – some do not like black and feel it can be difficult to see quickly, this is the usual colour – but other colours are available.


e.g. Befire White Keyboard 928 Killing Soul White Mouse Gaming Combo.

Key switches – these are mechanical switches which will pair each key to a single spring loaded switch and these will provide better audio and tactile feedback.

Wrist rest – really needs no explanation! Some are built into the ergonomic design, others require a separate purchase.

The fact is that a specialised gaming keyboard is an advanced form of a normal keyboard.  The keys and facilities offered are optimised to improve and aid the gamer’s enjoyment of a gaming experience.

One of the over riding controls on your gaming keyboard choice can be a budget. There are some very good keyboards around to suit all pockets.

thunder 1

e.g. Thunder X3 TK25 Programmable Gaming 3 LED Keyboard

If you are just not sure where to start, speaking to someone who knows his computers and has a good reputation is the first step forward. People who sell gaming equipment will be in the know about their own items and it is not in their interest to sell you something you are not happy with.

Don’t worry, there are plenty of good options out there, you just have to get through all the convoluted keyboard ‘jargon’ and you can still be in it to win without spending a fortune!